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EXCHANGES built by MobiDAX core team as web applications before we began developing the new generation of DAX software
YEARS of EXPERIENCE building Digital Asset Exchange Solutions for some of the biggest brands found on CoinMarketCap
MobiDAX is adaptable to any existing Digital Asset Exchange as a Mobile Front-End, support all 3rd Party APIs and hosted on Cloud or as a Hybrid Solution
MobiDAX for Android / iOS
Cross-platform Single Codebase Platform Native
MobiDAX for Android / iOS
Cross-platform Single Codebase Platform Native
MobiDAX [Cryptocurrency & Fiat Exchange]
Supported Blockchains
Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Ripple, Litecoin and ERC20 based Tokens and Stable Coins
Adding Blockchains
Pluggable Coin API makes it EASY to add and support your favorite Blockchain
Trading Bot [Optional]
Customize your strategy and connect to exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, etc
API Friendly
Expand your services by integrating public and private API's and custom business logic
Hosting & Cloud
Choose between Bare Metal, Cloud Providers supporting Docker or Custom Hybrid Solutions
Multi-Level security features combined in a complex piece of art architecture
MobiDAX on Flutter [by Google]
Google's UI Toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications
Cross-platform development framework for Mobile, Web and Desktop
Single codebase for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop Applications
Imitates iOS and Android native designs and provides users with a familiar experience
Supports two sets of widgets for Material Design (Android) and Cupertino (iOS)
Lightning fast with animation runtime speeds of 60 frames per second
Flutter is MobiDAX Front-End UI/UX
MobiDAX [for Admins]
Admin Control Panel [ACP]
Easy to understand and operate for reduced training and simplified administration
Role Based Access Control
Assign multiple Admin Operator roles and manage their access rights and permissions
KYC Administration
KYC Admin for managing user approval and submitted information and documents
Wallet Management
Create and manage various wallet types: Deposit, Fee, Hot, Warm and Cold
Asset Classes
Users can trade their favorite Stable Coins, Cryptocurrencies, Tokenized Assets and Fiat
Fee Management
Create and manage deposit, withdrawal, maker, taker and custom group fees
Operations & Administrative SUITE
Regulatory Control
Restrict platform access by Continent, Country, Subnetworks and IP addresses
Market Pair Management
Add new coins and set up the most popular pairs for your Trader Community
MobiDAX [for Users]
Intuitive UX/UI
Delight your users with beautiful Material Design Application for iOS and Android
Easy KYC system
User can verify email, phone number and upload verification docs for admin review
Two-factor Authentication
Google OAuth for increased user security at login, withdrawals and adding beneficiaries
Advanced Trading Interface
Optional trading interface supporting 'Candlestick Charts' and 'Copy Trade' Order Book View
FAST Trading
Copy existing trades with 2 clicks with MobiDAX refresh rate of 1 second
Wallet Management
Manage multiple wallets on the Exchange and track Deposits and Withdrawals
Best DAX Software for MOBILE
MobiDAX: Premium Skin Option
MobiDax premium
MobiDAX for OpenDAX
GraphQL API Management
Management API
Event API
WebSocket API
Blockchain API
Wallet API
Identity API
Resource API
Any other 3rd Party APIs
GraphQL unifies all API calls to simplify integration of 3rd Party public and private services
GraphQL eliminates multiple API fetches allowing a single query to fetch all the requested data making it super FAST!
GraphQL was designed by Facebook for managing API as an alternative to REST API and made Opensource in 2015
GraphQL allows for seamless integration of 3rd Party services like advanced accounting and reporting
Manage all APIs from custom GraphQL interface
MobiDAX: Web (Day mode)
mobidax web day mode
MobiDAX: Web (Night mode)
mobidax web dark mode
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